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Master Planning and Designing

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works: Steve Jobs"

AirMiracle provides the “right “heating, cooling, and ventilation system for your clean room operation in a wide variety of industries. Getting the specification and design right the first time is very important since HVAC is integrated into a building’s framework and making modifications later is time consuming and expensive.

AirMiracle has legacy of several projects to its credit with custom, compliant systems to help maintain each clean room’s clean environment by allowing the appropriate volume of clean air to each area at a precise temperature and humidity as per Client’s requirements. This wouldn’t have been possible without great designing capabilities on the part of AirMiracle

This is crucial phase and involves actual designing the system based on consolidated requirement and inspections. Our designing team ensures that design is tested several times in order to avoid alterations later at implementation stage.

Design forms blue print for successful execution. Our experienced team combines their experience for delivering error free design.